Audrey Varaidzo

Confined Quarantine of the Soul

…In this era of coronavirus may we choose to be still and to be present, fully. 

The world has gone mad, everything has now been replaced by me, me and me alone.

it’s become, “I must get all I can. Whilst I still can”

Everyone is trying to fight against what they can’t even see.

What happens when the pandemic decides to end suddenly just the same way it came.

What if it disappears just like that.

What happens to the stockpiles of toilet paper and cartons of sanitizers that everyone’s been hoarding?


For me this is just the first day of confinement, my school has moved all classes online for the remainder of the semester. adjusting to the unfamiliar territory is going to be an extreme sport but we will adapt in due course.

what isn’t helping is me receiving about two emails from the university every hour. my whole inbox is full of everything corona. Everyone wants to give information and everyone wants to give it at the same time.

it isn’t helping with the anxiety and panic. The campus is almost deserted but here I am over eight thousand miles from home with nothing but just hope and prayers that this phase will soon pass.


As we remember to wash our hands,

To cough in the corner of our arms.

As we stay at home,

Let us not forget ourselves in the wind. 

May we strive to center ourselves every minute of the day.

As we work out the answers to this pandemic,

may we not panic.

may we be present.

For most,  the daily routine has/will become, sleep, eat, panic, worry, cry, loop again tomorrow.  Sometimes, in this repetitive daily routine, we might start to forget what we used to and aspire to be. This pandemic has taken a toll on most of us but may we not give up on dreaming of a new beginning.

” We have been dying since we got here and forgot to enjoy the view    —-live fully” 

The whole world can breathe and heal with an angel at the wheel.