Audrey Varaidzo

I stand in front of the mirror

And I am pretty sure this time,

It’s not to fix her makeup or admire her undeniable beauty…

I am so angry, I can’t even hide it.

It’s written all over my face

My eyes are filled with detest as I look at her

To think of all the things I could have been,

Had it not been for her

Her tongue was too sweet no lie,

She lied and I believed

Like a Jezebel, she led me right to my destruction,

Caressed by the sweetness of her words,

I followed her blindly and plunged right into my doom.

She seduced me and had me eating her fibs right from her palm.

And before I knew it,

I was held hostage in a prison I had crafted myself

And she did too good a job convincing me that I would never escape,