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Me, She and Her – Audrey Varaidzo

Audrey Varaidzo

When you are yet to know yourself…


I am words.

Sometimes I am her, sometimes she is me.

I am a sucker for a guy with just a nice smile and a clean cut.

I am still learning how to whisper,

I am often too loud in places I should be quiet

and often too quiet in places I am supposed to be loud.

I have to reshape Her and remold Her every now and then

to renew her to what I initially intended for her.

because when anxiety creeps in,

it has her crying over nothing and everything.

when the anxiety starts telling her to avoid important tasks she has to deal with,

I have to be there to remind her

 to keep moving forward.

that it isn’t too scary to talk to people after all.

that it isn’t that difficult to make those calls she so much wants to avoid.

She is not perfect but to me,

she is misunderstood magic.

She is quick to give an attitude adjustment,

just when we need it the most. 

She has been told several times that she gives very bad hugs.

People say it feels like she is always trying to escape.

it’s probably because she is…

She secretly gets nervous

every time someone just asks her name

or when someone gets close enough to hear her breathe

She is,



and Dusk

sometimes, what inspires us

Sometimes, let it be…

She tells me,

She wants to explore,

To be free.

She tells me life is too short.

She tells me to make the best of it.

But I guess sometimes I am just not enough for her.

Her heart is fragile

Hi, my name is Audrey

I enjoy frozen yogurt, studying people’s behavior, and laughing for no reason at all.

My hobbies include:

Editing my life story as many times

Hiding behind metaphors

And trying to convince my shadow that I am someone worth following.

try to understand She is Me, and I am her.

It’s through her eyes that I do see.

She is the one who makes sure I don’t burn out when the anxiety takes over.

She is night and day

her over-worrying and overthinking is sometimes useful

especially to jumpstart the mornings.

to force me to workout when I start debating every morning whether it’s worth it.

Though I would so much appreciate sleeping in the whole day.

she is the one who convinces me to write every day.

when things start getting blurry

when I start to worry, she is the one

who asks me to try again tomorrow

Together we are strong

Me, She and Her